We All Fall Down

This push and pull, tension, angst, pain mixed with rage mixed with joy mixed with trepidation mixed with balls out courage, this life. It’s rough. It’s a blindfolded joyride on a roller coaster at midnight, the only clues about what’s going to happen next being the sparks of intuition that we never listen to. It’s […]

While the World Burns

This week has been an incredibly emotional one for many people across the US, and around the world. The immigration ban has brought to light some of the most racist and bigoted opinions that many Americans hold. I have a lot to say about why it’s unfair, immoral, and racist to accuse all Muslims of […]

It All Can Be Done

I went on something of a soul journey the other day, and just had so many revelations and enlightening moments that I wanted to share. I really want to expand on what I have learned and take Nahko’s songs and write about what they mean for us as humans on this planet. I’m so excited […]

With you, I feel again Pt 2

Currently listening to: Caught in a Dream, by Tesla Click to listen along Currently drinking: Dad’s favorite beer, Miller Lite Picking up that phone and dialing my dad’s number was probably the most emotionally intense thing I’ve ever done in my life. So long I’d dreamed of what their voices sounded like, and across cell […]

With you, I feel again Pt 1

So many things to talk about. So many changes, so many shifts, so much goodness and light and beauty. After years of walking in the dark, walking in the belief that you weren’t a good person if bad things weren’t happening to you, I have broken through the forests of doubt and uncertainty and abandonment […]

The Soapbox

I haven’t written in awhile. There’s a lot of things I’ve been mulling over and thinking about. There’s a lot of things that have happened since I last wrote. There are new nightmares, new dreams, new causes and new wants. There is more pain, more love, more intensity and more passion. With new passion comes […]

For your viewing pleasure

I contemplated whether to share this with all of you or not. I went through and copied down some of my mother’s conversations to me from the few months after my divorce. They run through my mind on a regular basis. I decided to bring light to my shameful secrets. I decided to share a […]