It All Can Be Done

I went on something of a soul journey the other day, and just had so many revelations and enlightening moments that I wanted to share. I really want to expand on what I have learned and take Nahko’s songs and write about what they mean for us as humans on this planet. I’m so excited for this new path I’ve found. Hope you enjoy.


“I have never experienced life as I am currently experiencing it.
I have never truly understood the message that Nahko is bringing to the people until now.
It’s bigger than nations, than creed, than race, than age, than anything ever that has ever told us that we are different from each other and that that was bad. we as a collect consciousness have decided to become so trivialized with these things that they consume everything we are. We microcosm them down to fit our compact cars, our tiny technology, when god, what we’ve needed to do is just be real with each other. Fear keeps us from so much. When we fight, when we have those moments of disagreement with our friends and our family and just every day acquaintances and people in our lives, it’s not anger or hatred that we’re really feeling. It’s fear. It’s a pushing out from within us that tries to protect us, but we have nothing to protect ourselves from. The only way to peace, to real peace, is if we come together and realize that we are all boats on a journey. But so much more than that, we are the river too. Religions, wars, gangs, family feuds, these things don’t make life. We make life. Its more than a cliche of we’re all in this together or we’re all just trying to make it. There are no divides between us. These are manmade things that have separated us from each other, when we have always been meant to be a collective, at the basis of it we are the collective.
It’s very intimate to think of people like that and that’s scary to us too. Society teaches us to be separate at any cost. Men, women, gays, straights, Muslim, Christian, these things are just labels. We’re so afraid of just being real with each other because we’ve forgotten how to be. We’ve forgotten as a consciousness that we are all on a flow of life, and if we can just forego what society has pushed on us as boundaries, we could start really helping each other. We need to change our way of thinking. We need to stop seeing ourselves as all these things that divide and come back to what we all really are at the base of it all. We are conscious beings in a river and flow. Everyone that we have come into contact with in our past was a part of us and a part of that flow. And sometimes those other parts that we experience may feel like they’re bad, they may feel like heartbreak, and pain. But we affected them just as much as those things affected us. When we stop looking at ourselves as beings that stuff happens to, and rather as beings that can affect the things around us, our lives, our friendships; that changes the game. We are all connected in a very real way, spiritually, physically, mentally. It is a matter of being spiritual, not religious. I think there is a core spirit that we all know exists within us that is just us, the vulnerable, scared, broken , hurt, abused, mistreated, abandoned person. And we’re scared to let that being and spirit become known to anyone else. We’ve built up these pretty shells that we are so concerned with showing the world; our hair, our makeup, our clothes, our accessories, our promotions, our houses, our cars. Everything you’ve ever wanted in your life (materialistically) was for the purpose of building that protective wall, our persona, who we want the world to perceive us as. And we think that we want to be cool or popular, but that’s not it. We think the pretty house or the big yard or the perfect soulmate is going to finally make us happy. It’s not fame or fortune we seek. It’s the knowledge that we are not alone. Together, we are experiencing life as a beautiful flow, and our goal should be to ease the suffering and pain of whoever flows in our river at that time in our lives, and in theirs. We may not realize that we crossed each other. I think of everyone I’ve ever gotten into a verbal fight with and held a grudge over. I didn’t see then what they were feeling, the fear that made us say all of those mean things. It doesn’t matter whose situation that is, not just people in my own life but those people in all of our lives that we didn’t end on good terms with. We were just scared people. Our bullies were just people in our lives that were scared too.
I truly believe that we are experiencing something incredible and beautiful in what Nahko is doing. I’m beginning to view our existence as a collective consciousness, and while society and the modern world is doing everything it can to split us up into individual boxes that never touch, surrounded and separated by the darkness and despair that is the evil and negativity in the world, Nahko is fighting that darkness. There is some beautiful shit happening with this movement. Our ancestors and Nahko’s fought and slaughtered each other, but instead of taking that hate and pain and getting angry about it, Nahko is reaching out and uniting us, showing us that there is a better way. He is literally building bridges where people can meet in the middle and embrace each other, forgive each other for the hurt of the past and forging friendships and relationships that will foster light and positivity. When he talks about things like “I’ma do no harm but I’ma take no shit”, he’s not saying “Oh, this person did something hurtful so now I’m going to put that hurt and pain back on them”, he’s saying I refuse to let darkness win. I refuse to let negativity and pain separate me from my brothers and sisters.
I am starting to see the beauty of Medicine Tribe. How we are so blessed to be the generation that gets to witness this coming together. This festival of forgiveness and community of love.
So in conclusion I just want to say:
I am on your side.”


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